Loan Parameters

Investment Terms

SCALE Lending Loan Parameters

Loan Types

Land loans, Constructions loans, Unsold condominium inventory loans, Acquisition loans, Repositioning loans

Property Types

All property types including but not limited to multifamily, condominium, retail, hotel, office, and land located within the NYC metropolitan area

Loan Amounts

Whole loans of $50,000,000+

Loan Terms

12-36 months, plus extension options


LTV Max of 75%, LTC Max of 80%


Loans subject to minimum multiple or minimum interest


First mortgage/assignment of partnership

Interest Rates

30-day Libor +600bps and up, fluctuating based upon perceived risk, sponsorship, loan type, duration and market conditions. Loans will primarily be current pay.


1.0-2.0% Origination Fee / 0.5-1.0% Exit Fees / 0.25%-1.0% Extension Fees