About Us

Our Mission

SCALE’s mission is to provide customized financing products in the transitional real estate space. SCALE leverages the experience in Slate Property Group’s $5B portfolio. Having experienced first hand all the ups and downs of transitional real estate, specifically in re-development and construction, SCALE acts more in a partnership with its borrowers. With that expertise, SCALE has the ability to act quickly to meet borrower’s needs. Our ability to understand real estate and overcome challenges is what separates us from our competition.

About Us

Real Estate Lending Platform Providing Creative Financing Solutions

SCALE Lending focuses on providing senior secured transitional loans secured by commercial mortgages in the New York Metropolitan area. SCALE is a direct lender providing first mortgage financing secured by commercial real estate assets, including land acquisition, construction, new development, re-development, inventory, and assets with a lease-up or reposition component. SCALE leverages off the Slate platform, which offers expertise in underwriting, land valuation, construction, cost estimating, zoning, design, planning, environmental, property management, leasing, accounting, etc. in order to guide the investment decisions and assess the valuation of collateral.

Slate Property Group

Slate has extensive real estate acquisition, development, and operational experience which allows SCALE to provide accurate underwriting and conduct a comprehensive due diligence process. Slate currently has $2.5B of AUM and owns more than 2,000 residential units in and around New York City.